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2009 Ford Escape - Remote start blower motor not working

My blower motor does not turn on with remote start…radio turns on. It used to until few days ago. I used to leave blower motor at the desired setting and it would turn on. Now it only turns on when i put in the key and turn it to start position. Car does not have climate control… just basic.

i’ve checked all fuses, and relays by switching them. No luck.
Remote starter installed 11 months ago. Compustar G15 2way with EvoFort4.
Any ideas what could have gone wrong? Thanks.

Has it ever worked? I assume not since it is an after-market remote starter kit. Seems to me the blower is keyed off the ignition switch, requiring a key, or the remote starter receiver is not properly wired.

Yes it used to work until few days ago. And no repairs were done to the car. Thanks.

That is the first of problem’s to come caused by using after market electronic’s.


Using an aftermarket remote starter has its risks. Especially considering that many have “one size fits all” type instructions written in broken English. Take it back to the shop where you had the work done and tell them about your issue. If they refuse to look at it, don’t go there again.

Perhaps re-training/programming the key will help, otherwise the remote starter receiver needs looking at.

yes it is, if you only go forward.

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Any reason for you to Hijack a thread ?

In about 24 months or so that remote starter will be killing your battery and you’ll be back here asking why your car won’t start after sitting overnight.

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Aftermarket security systems and remote starters invariably turn out to NOT be the bargain that the purchaser thought them to be. This is an extreme example, but…

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Ordinarily I’d agree, but Compustar makes really good stuff. I’ve got an old Compustar alarm in my MR2 that I had installed back in '04, and it’s never given me a hint of trouble in all this time. But my installer was really good at what he did, and that’s the trick. Install those things wrong and all sorts of problems happen.

Theirs is also the only remote starter I’d have installed on a manual transmission car. I bet the car in that news article has one where they bypassed the safety systems to make the starter work, then forgot to put the car in neutral. The Compustars have a rigid proper shutdown procedure that guarantees the car is in neutral and the parking brake is on before the remote start can work.

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SOLVED. The issue was in the wiring harness. Replaced harness and everything works fine again.

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