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Middle age woman needs help with windshield wiper

How do I remove the windshield wiper (blade and the thingy (bracket?)that holds the blade, not the arm) from a 2006 Toyota Corolla Sport? It is not like any wiper I’ve ever had before and I cannot find any directions.

The best advice I can give is go to autozone where they will replace them for free! otherwise the refill might be a little bit of a pain, the whole wiper blade a little less of a pain, if you have no Autozone let us know nad we can provide specific instructions.

Some blades come with instructions and some auto part stores will put them on for you.  Watch while they do it and I am sure they will not mind answering any questions you might have.  Try to pick a time when they are not busy.  

Good Luck

Plan A

  1. Lift the wiper and arm away from the windshield.

  2. Rotate the wiper blade assembly 180 degrees or until the wiper blade is facing away from the windshield.

  3. Depress the tab where the blade attaches to the arm. Slide the wiper blade down off the arm. The arm has a hook that the wiper blade slides onto.

Plan B

  1. Buy a set of blades from Autozone or Advance Auto and ask them nicely to install it.

Ed B.

Thanks everyone! I bought the blades a few days ago and thought it wouldn’t be too hard to replace them. The package the blades came in had rinky dink directions and drawings that didn’t look like what I see on my car I will try the instructions given by Ed B. If that doesn’t work I will look for an Autozone or similar business located in my area. I am trying to learn more about the care of my car and trying to do minor repairs myself to save money. Once I tackle this job, I have a bulb to replace in the brake light in the back window above the trunk. I’m not sure how to get it in there, but that’s for another day. Thanks again!

i would agree with edb, except i have found the toyota blades need to be rotated 90 degrees, not 180. you press the end of the clip away from the end of the metal wiper arm, and shove the blade into the rubber side, so the rubber flexes and allows the whole blade to come off the U shaped end of the arm. this sounds sort of confusing huh??? anyway, the rubber blade is flexible. the ‘room’ you need to move the blade off the u shape is gained by mushing the u shape into the rubber flexible part to let it get unhooked.

There are several different ways to attach wiper blades, some of which are fairly confusing. Many generic blades come with some extra fittings that allow you to attach the blade to any mounting system. Try Googling “windshield wiper replacement” and seeing if you can find a web site that has instructions that match your wipers. e.g.


If your Corolla is like our 99 Camry, you get at the middle brake light from the trunk. I can’t remember if you access the bulb from there, or pop the housing loose from there and then crawl into the back seat to replace the bulb. I think the latter.

My in-laws take their car to Autozone for blade replacements. One time a blade on my wifes car broke and I was still at work (pouring rain out). I told her to go over to Autozone because they’ll replace it for free…Well the one’s in NH do NOT replace them for free. I guess it’s a regional thing.

Walmart also replaces blades in their auto service dept for free. Depending on where you bought the blades, the parts guys might also do it, out of sympathy or helpfulness.

I sympathize with you, and I used to do all my own maintenance. When I went to replace a the wiper blades about 10 years ago, I stared at the rinky-dinky diagram for an hour before I understood how the wiper blade attaches to the arm with the hook end. Once I mastered this skill, I can change a wiper blade in less than a minute. If you can have someone show you once, you’ll have it down pat. You might even open your own wiper blade changing shop.