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2009 Dodge Journey

Is Dodge Journey 2.4 engine good enough to haul six or seven passgers? Will it have enough power to do so? Will the engine easily be damage if I do choose it for seven seats? Is it a good engine?Please advice. Thank you. has a forum that they discuss new cars. You might have better luck there. Also might want to take all passengers for the test drive!

Well the base 2WD model weighs in around 3800 pounds. The base engine has 173 HP, but more importantly, only musters 166 ft.-lbs. of torque, which is not much for a vehicle weighing nearly two tons. If load 6 or 7 people in the vehicle things will only get worse. If you are intrested in this particular vehicle and need to haul around 6 or 7 people on a regular basis get a V6 model. But frankly a minivan would be a better option.

And, you might want to consider just how much longer Chrysler Corp. will be around. Their financial situation, even under their newest owners, is not good. If they go under, the resale value of this vehicle will take a major hit.

The best answer is to find 6 willing passengers and go for a test drive. In regular traffic I believe it will perform fine. On those mountain hills don’t expect miracles out of it. If they configure the vehicle in this manner it will not damage the vehicle.

A 2.4L engine would be suitable for about 95% of your driving. It would make your car seem sluggish if you needed quick acceleration, such as on short freeway entrance ramps. Otherwise you will do just fine. You will not damage an engine merely by giving it brief periods of heavy work.

If you regularly haul heavy loads, get the optional V6. If you seldom pack your vehicle, accept the 2.4L engine.

If you insist on AWD, the point is moot. It’s only available with the 3.5L V6.