Best engine option for a dodge/chrysler minivan

what is the best engine option for a used (two year old) dodge/chrysler minivan

whatever it has now

If you have steep hills on highways, you may want the V-6. Really flat areas and carrying light loads will make the four cylinder a good choice.

the v6 3.3 lit with 3sp auto trans you get better mpg with 4sp OD but I would not trust the 4sp they have problems for many years. with 4cyl and A?C on and 5 people in van you need to drive with gas pedal down to floor most of the time and use more fuel. I would look at honda or kia van.

don’t forget Honda has had their share of tranny problems recently as well

Are you buying one or replacing an engine in one? If you are looking at buying a used minivan, probably the 6. If you are replacing the motor in one you already own . . . replace it with the same type/year/kind. Rocketman

if you are looking to replace the engine and cost is an issue, look at a reman. They come with a warranty.