Dodge Journey

Considering buying a new 2013 4 cylinder version due to attractive pricing. Drove it and seemed fine to me though reviewers are calling it underpowered and recommend the 6 cylinder. Any reason other than personal preference not to go with the 4 cylinder?

I usually get the V6 because the fuel economy is about the same or better if you carry a large load. I stopped considering 4 cylinder vehicles years ago. The resale price when you get rid of the vehicle is generally higher because it’s has a V6.

I don’t expect to carry large loads. max would probably be camping gear, rear bike rack, possibly an overhead cargo box on the annual summer camping trip. Sounds like I would be fine for that with the 4 cylinder. Any thoughts the engine might wear out sooner due to being “underpowered,” or is this really just a matter of driver preference?

Really a matter of driver preference. The 4 might be a bit slower getting on a freeway, but if you have long enough run up lanes you can get a 4 cylinder up to freeway speeds. A loaded roof top bike rack really creates a lot of wind drag with extra stress on the motor and transmission. If the bike rack is installed all the time, I’d suggest you go with the 6 cylinder.

Bike rack will be rear mounted, out of the wind, and only in place when carrying the bikes (mounts in the hitch receiver). Cargo box will be a Thule or similar, mounted to roof rails, again only in place during trips. Wife and I took a nice long test drive that included getting up onto the interstate for a few miles, and were satisfied with the acceleration up the ramp. So I am thinking we will be OK with the 4. But feel free to try to change my mind!


I prefer 4-bangers because they’re much easier to work on, and often the difference in performance and mileage is insignificant.

@PaulB even though the bike rack is out of the wind, the 4 banger will be working harder because of the CONSIDERABLE extra weight.

Get the V6

You’ll wish you’d have bought the V6 when you have a passenger or two in the car with the A/C on, and trying to get on a highway or avoid some idiot who is trying to occupy your lane. Under ideal conditions, the 4-banger is probably fine, but you’ll really miss the V6 IMHO when a few extra ponies available would lessen your stress. Personally I’ll happily give up a couple MPG for extra power on tap with any vehicle, but that’s just me.

Drive them both, look at MPG and reliability, and decide.

Although I lioke 4 cylinder engines, in your case, in view of the vehicle weight and extra loads, I would go for the 6 cylinder version.