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2009 Chevy Cobalt - Take it or leave it?


I’m still searching for a car for those who have seen my previous posts. I am not looking into a 2009 Chevy Cobalt 2.2L engine.

It looks like it has a timing chain and that’s a good thing. It has 67k miles and priced at $6000. Clean Carfax.

Is this a good car? Still looking Toyota Corolla, Camry, and Honda Civic but the high prices on them. I’m considering this one. I just wanted to decide whether it would be worth my interested to look into further. I thought I’d see what your guys opinions are. Has anyone owned one?

I am now looking into***

It is 9 years old and that means it should be evaluated on it’s own rather then what other Cobalt’s have been like. The advice here is always about the same. Have it inspected by a mechanic for present problems , cross your fingers and hope it gives good service.


We have a 2009 Cobalt and a 2010 Cobalt. They have had a few problems, but cars of this age probably will. Is this a private part sale or a dealer? The car is overpriced if it is an LT or LS. You didn’t say whether it is an LS or LT or if it has an automatic transmission. There are several options available that can increase the cost, too. Still, it’s more than $2000 higher than the Edmunds estimate with AT, traction control, and 4-wheel ABS. I suspect that the current owner thinks that the low mileage is worth a lot more than it really is. If you don’t feel like trying the get the price to about $3600 for and LS or $3800 for an LT, then pass on this one. If it’s a dealer, add about $400.

Here’s the labor hours I’m seeing for some typical service jobs for the 2.2L (non-turbo) engine with automatic trans.

Water pump: 5 hours
PCV valve: Nothing, maybe it doesn’t have one
EGR valve: Nothing, again, maybe it doesn’t have one.
Fuel filter: 1/2 hour, but if you live in Calif the part is $400 for some reason. Other places appx $60.
Cat: 1 hour
Spark plugs: 1 hour
Starter: 1 hour

So other than the water pump, which seems to be quite a big job, it looks pretty good service-wise. Make sure all the recalls have been done. Seems to be a problem that required a recall for the ignition lock cylinder, and the power steering for example. If it has the 4T65-E, also ask the shop tech who does your pre-purchase inspection to check for a leak from the transmission vent.

I have friends that have owned them, they all loved the gas mileage but the only ones that have really liked the car were fairly small people. The others found it too cramped.

Assuming it’s an LT with alloy wheels and cruise control. It’s priced about $600 too high. If it’s an LS, then it’s about a grand too high. I’ve never owned one, but I’ve driven a few, they are basically the modern day Cavalier. I remember when they came out, Bob Lutz talked a big game, claiming that the car would be on par if not better than the Civics and Corollas of the day. But, as usually was the case in pre-bankruptcy GM, the beancounters had their way, the car was cheapened/decontented from it’s original vision, and the public got a car that was marginally better than the outgoing J Body, but not up to par with it’s main competition.

I have an 2010 Cobalt coming up on 70k miles. It’s been a good car so far. I’ve had to replace the door speakers, a passenger side mirror ($15 at a junkyard), and the headlight bulbs so far. Last week I replaced one of the TPMS sensors ($85 plus tax) so that’s an expense you have to plan for at this age.

I have the LS with manual windows and door locks. Not the most comfortable seats, but good visibility and acceleration for a 4 cyl. I do think the 2009 is overpriced, but if it’s at a dealer I’m not surprised.

Whenever someone asks about a car I am not real familiar, I like to check out See

I don’t see any glaring problems or defects with this model so if you think it is a good car and the price is right, then go for it. I doubt it will be as trouble free as a Corolla or Civic but the lower price may more than offset that concern for you.

Now if you has asked about certain models, such as a Ford with the Split Port engine, or a Chrysler 2.7L, I would have said RUN from this one as fast as you can.