2009 Chevy Aveo - Battery dies overnight, but there's a twist



One bad apple gives all sports cars a bad reputation?


I can’t imagine I said that what you described was normal, but I can’t speak for anybody else


Here’s a good link on parasitic drains.

“Others, probably high-end cars with lots of high-end gadgets, will draw more”


You’re entitled to your opinions

But there are several newer high end cars in my area

The owners do not use trickle chargers

And some of the vehicles sit for extended periods

And they start up fine

I understand the scenario you’re describing, but those vehicles that do not start after sitting for several days are experiencing problems. It is not acceptable or normal.


Here is a update on my 2010 Aveo with battery going dead, mechanic told me it was something faulty in my radio draining my battery, so i found a replacement Radio ($75) on E bay , I switched it out in 5 mins and took it back to mechanic to have him test for draw, no more draw , it was the radio car is fixed and good to go ') :grin::crazy_face:


Good for you for getting the problem resolved OP. A phantom current drain is like any other kind of leak, just have to eliminate the possible suspects one by one until you eventually find it.

I agree it’s not acceptable or normal. If you’ll scroll up and review what I said above, I doubt you’ll find the words acceptable or normal.


thanks george


That seems to contradict what you were gettng at earlier, in my opinion

But let’s just forget it :smiley_cat:


Fair enough.


Are you enjoying your “birthday” cake . . . ?!



Coconut frosting ,my favorite :slight_smile:


now my engine light came on, code saying high voltage at thermostat, its not over heating and I have heat so i dont think i will worry about it


My chevy aveo has the same problem with the battery drain. When I pull the 10 amp odb2 fuse. the problem goes away. This fuse also controls the onstar, which I have heard can can create a battery drain when it goes bad.


Thief can’t steal a car if it won’t start! :joy:


I had the same problem and it was my OnStar searching for a signal ( I don’t subscribe). Removed the fuse and it was fine.


Get another battery. My 2009 Aveo original battery would die or just be randomly dead after three +/- years of ownership. The second new battery would also die or just completely be dead randomly the following year. Both checked good at the local auto store, holding a full charge / load tested.
The third new Battery has solved that problem.