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09 Aveo Something is draining my battery overnight

I have a 09 aveo hatchback, something is draining battery over night,i got a new battery and same thing, someone on this forum mentioned EVAP still running after car is turned off, a friend of mine hooked his computer up to my car and EVAP showed up on it, is it really possible that that could drain my battery? or is that bad and something else draining it. this is very frustrating .

Yes, it could be the EVAP system causing the battery to drain. There’s a couple of electric operated valves in the EVAP system usually. Maybe one of them is being actuated when it shouldn’t. If the current drain is occurring when a mechanic is looking for it, the mechanic will almost certainly find what’s causing it. In any event his first test will prove there is actually a phantom current drain happening.

Your friend’s test showing EVAP on their scanner doesn’t prove the EVAP is the cause though. When the scanner is connected computer systems in the car are activated that normally aren’t when the engine is off. Asking your mechanic to do a phantom current test is where to start with this problem.

thanks i will get him to check that

Could the glove box light be staying on after you close it?

here’s what I would do . . .

Use a digital multimeter and perform a parasitic draw test