2009 BMW 528 - Vibration

I also have replace many things and still get trucking and vibrayion

What do you mean by the word trucking?
Tell us all what you are doing when the problems happens.

I thought “Keep on Trucking” ended with the 70s. First time I have heard that since 1975.


Do you perhaps mean “ticking”? That could be low oil or not changing it often enough. A number of things could cause the engine to run rough. Is the check engine light on?

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Had that poster, in dayglow.
Ah the 70s, black lights and strobe lights.

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Did you have a Lava lamp, too? Always liked those…


'Way OT but one time a girl from church was showing some of us her black light posters. Unfortunately the UV caused another girl’s bra to glow through her sweater. The other girls were giggling and she asked me what was going on. I couldn’t think of a gentlemanly way to tell her so I told her to ask one of the other girls.

Yes, have seen that. White underwear under dark knit dress.

Negative on the lava lamp, but my brother had one.

My pet rock got loose and ran away.