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BMW X3 check engine light


we recently had work done to our '96 X3’s muffler. some internal baffle needed replacing, we were told, because it made a pretty loud noise. Now the noise is gone but the check engine light has come on. Would an error in the muffler repair that may be causing excessive pressures cause the engine light to come on?

go to auto zone or advance auto.let them read the code.then get back to me.

thanks, will do. keep you posted.

Usually noises in the exhaust are from the catalytic converter rattling, are you sure it wasn’t cat. work?

In 1996 that would be an ix not an X3, which is a very different car (X3 is considered an SUV and did not exist in 1996). An e-36 ix? (all wheel drive sedan or coupe) I have not seen many at all (in fact I can’t remember one).

Ok, here’s what the boys at AZ had to say. Three codes: P0174 air intake engine, running all the time, fuel air mixture is to lean; P0411 air injection; P2440 issue with the right bank of cylinders.

Not sure what all that means, does it make sense to you? Thanks for your help.

P0174, is fuel trim Bank 2 System too lean, this could be an easy one as a Mass Air Flow Sensor cleaning may help, one caveat, BMW never cleans the sensor, my Master Tech friend (at BMW over 20 years) did not even know there was such a product. Dealer mechanics can tend to get isolated. P0174 was an easy one to fix on my 2005 F150.Some even say air filter and fuel filter is the way to go with this code.

Now P0411, could be an easy fix, Secondary Air injection system, Incorrect Flow detected, will take someone with some knowledge. (messed up on the numerical order on that one also, I wonder if this is early onset of some disease?)

P2440 does not exist in either my generic list or my BMW specfis list.

AZ boys got this one wrong in some aspects.

Turns out it was the Secondary air non-return value. The dealer found water in the valve, so they replaced it along with the valve gasket and the check engine light is now out. About an hour and a half invested, thank goodness for the warranty.

I must ask, warranty on a 1996? even if it is emission related, how did this occour?

typo on my part, it’s an 06