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Washboards, vibrations, check engine lights, and rubbing


I just purchased a 4x4 vehicle and during state inspection I was told (and shown) that I needed to replace the front right ball joint, which I did, and also got 4 new tires, an oil change, and an alignment.

It was fine for about a week…now I am experiencing a few issues:

1)There is a rubbing sensation when I turn to the right at low speed and occasionally I can feel this sensation when I take a curve to the right at higher speeds

2)When accelerating slowly there is a strong vibration in the gas pedal. Also happens when I am letting off the gas. Problem is most noticeable at higher speeds (35mph +)

3)When braking hard on steep downhill grades it feels like I am driving over a washboard…mostly noticeable through the brake pedal

4)My check engine light flashed on last night at about 60mph for about 5 seconds and then went off and stayed off.

Could all these things be connected? If so, what could be doing it? I am a student and so don’t have the money right now to be gipped by the dealership, which is why I want to be prepared with some info when I take the vehicle in. Thanks!