2009 Audi Q5 - factory settings to restore AC


I need to reset to factory settings as the A/C and blower not working.
suspect that manual replacement of battery a year ago might have messed up the factory settings

Ok, then… what do you mean by “factory settings”? And have you had a repair shop, or an Audi dealer check this for you?

Replacing a battery in a Q5 is the same as any other car. Take it out, put in new. No “programming” of the car is required. The radio may need a security code, but that’s it.


I just finished my state inspection at a repair shop

They could not repair the air conditioning/ heater and blower over a two day period

Their conclusion was to go to an AUDI shop to reset the settings possibly because when I replaced the battery two years ago manually I may have offset the settings

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You may be right.

BMW, Audi & VW (various models) Disconnecting the battery requires numerous module relearn procedures which can take up to several hours with a factory scan tool


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Actually, you may have confused the computer at the time you replaced the battery, but after driving for 2 years it will have re-learned everything it needs to know’. Normally don’t take more than 50 miles of driving.

Even using a memory saver when changing a battery can be fatal to the battery because it can be overcharged. That’s not the case here.

I think you have a completely different problem with your A/C. Does the blower work when 12V are applied to it? I would think the people who checked out your car tested for that. When did the blower stop working?

I don’t think this is true…most memory savers that plug in are powered by a 9V battery

Well, it is true. Some late model cars, i.e. BMW, Audi, Mercedes and others, the computer keeps track of battery usage, current condition of the batter and other things. The computer regulates the output of the alternator and accordingly makes adjustments. A battery with minimum voltage/amps and the computer allows the alternator to charge more. If you install a new battery and the computer still works on the old values it might overcharge the battery. Other bad things can happen as well… lots of information on Google.

And not all of it is correct.

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true, this site is a prime example.