2011 Audi A4 - Battery Replacement


Hello all!

Novice car owner here looking to do a simple battery replacement in my Audi A4. I’m requesting help with the following…

  1. What type of battery should I get for my Audi A4? Attaching a picture of current battery to my post… I think I’ve read that there are AGM or liquid lead based batteries. What exact battery should I get here?
  2. How can I “program” the electronics so that the new battery is recorded and linked to the battery management system?
  3. Is it okay for there to be no charge for a few minutes while I replace the battery? I know I will lose my radio presets, etc., but any other concerns?

Thanks for any help you can provide!!

Read this!



Just go to Auto Zone or any battery place and let them do this or even the dealer . The dealer will be the most expensive but will not leave you stranded in your driveway.

Thanks! Good link!

I know I could take it to the dealer or a battery place, but this seems like a good opportunity to learn a basic car repair skill and maybe save a few bucks… dealership wants to charge $360 plus tax, am hoping I can do it cheaper.

I would use a 12v memory saver . . .



These folks, Autozone. Advance etc will do it for you for a decent price

The equipment you would need ( factory level scanner ) would cost you far more than you would save. Changing a battery is no longer a “basic car repair skill”.