1992 Chevy 1500 4.3 v6

My AC quit working a couple years ago so I had the shop upgrade to a non freon system. It worked for about a week and now it only works if I disconnect the battery for about 5 minutes. It will then work for 10 minutes to a week or so. My shop mechanic can’t figure it out. This week my clock and radio quit working which makes me wonder if my electrical is messing up. Any suggestions ?

I can’t resist, if not a “freon” system then what? how did you discover that disconnecting the battery sets things right again? what part of the AC stops working?

When you make changes like you did you must be prepared to be the one who knows how to fix it, its a great motivator for not reinventing the wheel

Ok they changed the system to use Ozone safe fluid? After replacing a bad battery I noticed the AC was working, it last about 2 days. From then on I have disconnected the battery and the AC will work for an undetermined time. Everything on the control panel works except the air it blows is not cold in summer nor hot in the winter.

The AC did not work before they updated the cooling system.