2007 Dodge Ram 3500 - AC not cold after battery drain

batteries drained because I had left my 5th wheel plugged in and a ceiling fan and 2 lights were on for about 3 days, remote or key won’t open the doors. Used a slim jim to unlock door,now no cold air, was very cold prior to this. Please help

Perhaps somebody more knowledgeable than I am will correct me, but I don’t believe that there is a connection between a drained battery and A/C failure.

That being said… Have you checked the serpentine belt?
This could be something as simple as a snapped belt, or a belt that is too loose/glazed to turn the A/C compressor.

Here’s what can happen when a battery dies or is disconnected on some vehicles.

It resets the Climate Control module. On some vehicles, the module will not start working again until a special relearn procedure or reprogram procedure is performed with a factory scan tool. That means no A/C until the module is programmed with the correct instructions.


Hmmm… interesting!
I would have thought that this was the type of thing that would be unique to German-made vehicles, but obviously I was wrong.

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Thank you for your timely response, I have checked the belt.

God bless

Tim Dabbs

Can this procedure be performed with a Snap-On scanner? I had a shop reset the blend-air motor doors.

God bless

Tim Dabbs