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2009 Acura TSX electrical problem

electrical problem started when I started car and the horn would not stop honking . so I disconnected the battery and when I reconnected the battery the car lights come on when the battery is hooked up but there is no power or anything . but the lights coming on WHEN the battery is reconnected to the car the interior lights nothing completely dead . so I checked the battery and it is not the problem it works fine so something is not right . please help give me something to get started on as far as trying a solution to the problem

Does the car possibly have an alarm system? That’s what it sounds like. If so, call a company that installs car alarms and see if they make “house calls.”


Check the fuse panel under the hood and see if any of the fuses inside the panel are blown out. There should be power getting to the interior lights at least if those fuses are okay. You may need to reset the security system to clear the parking lights. Not sure what caused the horn problem.