Very Wierd Acura TSX 2010 Electical Problem

My wife’s 2010 Acura TSX (@ 25000 miles) is having what appears to be a very strange electrical problem. About 6 weeks ago the navigation system crashed. A friend advised her to unplug the navigation disk player in the trunk and then reconnect it (like a computer hard boot, I guess). This worked and there was no problem until a week or so ago when she had trouble starting it (engine wouldn’t crank). After a brief wait (minutes) the car started fine with no other problems until last Thursday. After a 50 mile round trip to visit a friend my wife stopped to get gas. When she was finished the car wouldn’t start. A few minutes later I was about to go meet her with jumper cables when she called to tell me that it started and she was on her way home. The next day she left the car home and used my car. I checked hers several times during the day and it started with no problem. Today she went out with her car. A few minutes after leaving she called to tell me that neither her radio nor her navigation system was working (it was requesting the radio code). I told her we’d fix it when she got home. A little while later she called to tell me that both the radio and the navigation system were working fine! She did not input any code, it just worked the next time she tried it!

Any ideas?