2009 accord died while accelerating

I was accelerating from a stop sign when my accord’s engine sputtered and shut off in the middle of the intersection. I managed to coast to the side of the road and popped the hood to see a little white smoke coming from the drivers side of the engine and it smelled like an electrical burn.

Is it possible that my starter never disengaged and seized? I had only been driving for about 5 minutes when it happened

When I tried starting the engine again it would click once but would not crank. Battery seems fine, lights and interior electronics worked fine

Possible but unlikely.

Why? Because it looks fine? Because it turns the lights on? Or because you measured the voltage with a voltmeter? Only the voltmeter reading is useful data.

So where is the car now?

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Has there been any maintenance or repair work done recently? This sort of problem is usually associated with a problem w/ that sort of work, only rarely does it happen by itself.

Does this Accord have the V6? I think that one has a timing belt.

If yours is the V6 with a timing belt, has it ever been replaced?

I fear your timing belt may have broken.