2008 VW Jetta


I’m currently driving a 2008 VW Jetta, whcih I purchased in 2010 as certified pre-owned with only one owner from the local dealership here in Phoenix, AZ. I LOVE this car and drive it a lot for work. When I purchsed it, there were 56,800 miles on the car. Right now, there’s 97,000 miles on the car. It’s still under the original warranty. But, since I drive it so much, in 3,000 miles, the car warranty will expire.

I just took it last week for it’s 95.500 mark service and I have one service left covered under the warranty. When I picked up the car, I was told by my service guy that I would need to replace the CV Boot soon which the dealership would charge me $250 to replace. He said that as of now, ‘the leak is not as bad yet’. So my question is, is it worth it to purchase the extended warranty which will cost me $1800 upfront, or should I try to trade it in for a newer model? Or just keep it and find a shop/mechanic outside of the dealership that specializes in VW cars? My car will be paid-off in 3 years. Please advise.

Thank you,

@Mariah If you replace CV boots now, you can save those CV axleshafts. If you wait too long, you’ll need the entire CV axleshafts.

How are you going to purchase a warranty if you’re about to hit 100K?

Most extended warranties make no financial sense, UNLESS you get an engine or a transmission. And even then, it’s sometimes a close call.

By the way, if the CV boots are leaking and you have a warranty, why won’t the shop change the boots now? It’s kind of unfair to tell you about a leak while you still have warranty, yet not do anything about it. If they did it now, you wouldn’t need to pay $250, right?

Am I missing something?