Jettal GL 2003 - To sell or Not to Sell

I have a Jetta GL, 4D, 2003 with $45000 miles. About 6 weeks ago the air conditioning stopped working and the compressor was replaced for $1000. A weeke later the air conditioning broke down again. Thie time they rewired someting going to the air conditioner. Then less than a week later the battery died (the battery was less that 6 months old). This time I was told that the coolant recovery tank was leaking and we had to replace that along with the coolant module (which was causing an unneccesary draw on the vehicle when it was turned down and consequently draining the battery. The total costs for all of this was $1800. The dealer had agreed to share some of this so we ended up paying $1400. Is this car worth keeping? If I do keep it I will be getting the extended warranty which is worth $1600. Will there be more problems? Or should I trade it in and get a newer car (trade in value is $5000.



Michelle, we have many really car-savvy guys on this forum who like their Jettas, and put up with some of the ideosyncracies of that car. However, they all agree that Jettas tend to cost more to keep running than typical Japanese, Korean or North American cars.

Avoid the extended warranty; it is really very exensive repair insurance, and most of those who buy it collect only 10-20% for every dollar it costs.

Having said that, I see many more expensive repairs in your future, and I’m not a clairvoyant!

Your best bet would be to sell the car and get something more reliable that also costs less to maintain and repair. There is a very wide choice available in the market now.

Thank you very much for your response!! It makes me feel better about selling a car with $45000 miles on it!
My choice for the next car is a Camry SE, 2011. I have been offered a good price for this!

Trade it, for all the reasons Doc pointed out.

A car that’s plagued with expensive repairs is unlikely to get better over time.
I’m unfamiliar with a “coolant module”, but the parts you’ve indicated needed replacing are from two unrelated systems, the AC system and the cooling system. That suggests that other problems might be in the car’s immediate future with other systems. And, correct me if I’m wrong, they’re both within close proximity to one another which (along with the apparent wiring damage) makes me wonder of there was possibly accident damage. Have you had the car for long? Do you know anything about its history?

The car has not been in an accident. I have been the only owner. Thanks for the reply.

May I ask who has done the maintenance and repair work?  It would not be the first time that a dealer or mechanic managed to find an fix a number of "problems" that were really not there.  That said you have a car that tends to have more expensive maintenance. 

I own (my third) VW and I have had very few issues. The one died in an accident, one rusted out after about 250,000 miles and my current one is doing just fine at over 100,000 miles.  

As with any car maintenance and care means a lot, but LUCK means even more.