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CV boot replacing

Hello,My car is 2002 Volswagen Jetta. My mechanic recently told me to get the front CV inner joint boot replaced as it had a leak.Is $240 a reasonable quote for this job?


I just looked into getting my CV boots replaced because of age. Mine are not leaking. My trusted mechanic told me that whether they replace the boot or the whole axle, they have to remove the axle to do the job and a new axle will come with sealed CV boots already. These days when you have a leaking CV boot, it is easier to replace the axles themselves. So check with your mechanic and find out whether he plans to replace just the boots or the whole axle and all the CV joints as well. If he is, $240 looks like a decent price.

If one boot is gone, they all are about to go…Today’s parts changers can’t be bothered replacing axle boots. No money in that. Just have a pair of rebuilt axles installed and hope you get good ones.

Good news- just a little Volts Wagon- Just grease her up and put on a $9 "split-boot or just wipe/ pack and put on some duct-tape. Aint no Elderado w a 500!!

Sounds about right. I have done mine; had to disconnect the lower “A” frame to remove the half shaft. Ask your mechanic if this estimate includes a toe check (alignment) as the three bolt holes in the “A” frame have enough clearance for the bolts to allow some change from the original toe setting. Alternately it might be possible to carefully mark the parts so as to get them exactly as they were on reassembly.

The amount of power going through the axle shouldn’t really make a difference in the construction or importance of the boot. If that joint gets dirt in it and all the grease out if it, it’s going to seize up and break just the same.

Unless you have a lot of practice at it, putting on a split boot is almost invariably an exercise in futility. If you know the thing JUST tore and it didn’t get too contaminated, you might try to find a mechanic who is experienced in split boots (or their cousins, the stretchy-boot) and you might be able to save a few bucks, but otherwise replacing it with a new axle is the most cost-effective solution.

Should i wait on replacing the CV boot until it breaks then i would change the whole axle?

I would replace the whole axle now. Not all mechanics can replace just one CV or even the boots effectively and efficiently. When one part of the axel assembly goes, it usually means the other parts are not far behind. Consider the cost difference of an axle replacement vs just the minimal needed. Usually it is better to do the axle.