2006 Ford F-150 -Oil filter question

Can the wrong oil filter size make your oil filter manifold gasket leak. Normally I have Jiffy Lube change my oil. Recently I noticed my truck loosing large amounts of oil so I looked at it myself and it wasn’t leaking from the oil filter gasket itself, but it was leaking from the oil filter manifold that bolts to the block and the filter screws into it. When I removed the oil filter that Jiffy Lube supplied,even though the filter threads and gasket were the right size, the filter itself was it was like 1/2 the diameter of the factory filter that I bought to replace. Did this small filter cause too much back pressure and make my filter housing gasket fail? It cost $500 for the dealer to change the gasket.I wonder if Jiffy Lube caused this mess. Anybody ever seen this before? Thanks

Did you not ask this question of the dealer and if not why ? They had the vehicle and may have a clue why this happened . I seriously doubt the filter size had any thing to do with it.

The filter didn’t cause the problem but Jiffy Lube might have. The housing gasket is cinched by the threaded tube the filter attaches to. May have been loosened by JL and not recognized.

Wander around this site and you will find a LOT of problems far worse than yours after a visit to JL and other quickie lube places. I personally wouldn’t let Jiffy Lube wash my car let alone mess with its vital lubrication.



The oil filter adapter gasket commonly leaks on your particular engine . . . it has nothing to do with the wrong filter being installed

And by the way . . . it’s quite a bit of work to change that gasket, because all sorts of hoses have to be disconnected and/or moved out of the way, in addition to jacking up the engine and removing the left side engine mount, to gain sufficient access to do the job

So the $500 you spent seems fair

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