2008 VW GTI whistle noise?

Hey everyone, my google skills have failed me, and I’m low on cash so I’m hoping to get some advice before I take it to a professional.

I have a 2008 VW GTI which I love and have maintained pretty well. I unexpectedly got a job far away from home and couldn’t move for two years (!) so right now it has about 70,000 miles on it (poor thing.) Luckily I now live about 5 miles away from work and it’s finally getting a rest.

Long story short is that the oil was overfilled during a routine oil change. Foolish me didn’t check the oil before driving away (i didn’t do the change!) I got about a mile or two before the oil pressure light and beep told me to shut off the car, which I did immediately, and pulled into a shop literally a block away. They bled out some oil and checked a few things out and everything looked fine. But as soon as I left, and to this day (about a month later) I get a strange whistling noise when the car is cold and at low RPM. It’s a constant noise and the pitch changes with the RPM (higher RPM, higher pitch) after warming up for a minute it goes away and doesn’t come back until the next time I start the car.

My guess is that oil got somewhere it shouldnt have, like the turbo? And now something is leaking, like air? The car drives fine, no stutters or significant loss of power. Is there a way I can diagnose the issue myself before taking it in? Or should I leave it be and let the professionals take a look? Thanks

You need to look into or at your PCV lines…these are ventilation lines for your engines crankcase…with too much oil in the engine this is where a lot of that oil was venting…it may have blown a line or something like that…look at your PCV lines bec they are the only things that have to do with Oil/too much oil and Vacuum…the PCV lines deal with both of these…so its very likely and or a good place to begin looking

I own an 03’ 20th Anniv GTi meself…so we may have the same engine… 1.8T? 220Hp? (20th Aniv anyway)

If so…those PVC lines are a Royal Bitch to see let alone touch. They are off of the right side of your engine…and look like rubber hoses. It would be great if you could google a diagram of the 1.8T PCV system and lines…then you would know where to look.

Also start your engine and maybe have an assistant rev it for you while you look under hood…you may be able to pinpoint the source of the vacuum leak


Thank you for the response! It’s the MKV so it has the 2.0t but that’s definitely a start for me, I wasn’t even sure where to begin.

Yeah it may be as simple as you just popped a PCV line off…and it is now pulling vacuum…certainly possible.