2008 Volkswagen Passat 2.0T - Odd noise

Hello guys,

I am trying to figure out whats going on with my car for a few weeks now. I have a few things going on and I am not if they are related.

First off I am hearing a odd noise now and then from my engine area. Its so hard to explain, but its kind of like when a plastic bag gets stuck to your car, a fluttery higher pitched noise (and it lasts only a few seconds). It happens now on heavy acceleration (almost always), normal acceleration and even sometimes at start up. Its mostly random and started awhile back but I use to only hear the sound every couple weeks. Now its daily.

Related or not I also have noticed this really bad lag with heavier acceleration, after lagging it then down shifts VERY hard before taking off.

I have come across many things online, but was hoping someone here would have a better idea than browsing the web.

Sorry for the crappy noise description!

Thank you!

Is There Any Way This Noise Could Be Described As A Rattle?


I wouldn’t say it sounds like a rattle, searching everywhere I came across this video,

Its similar, the guy never posted what it ended up being though.

Some 2008 - 2012 2.0Ls Have Been Found To Have A Rattling Noise, Under Moderate To Heavy Acceleration That Could Be Amplified/Transmitted And Even Sound Like Noisy Exhaust. Pulsations Of Exhaust Gasses Cause The Turbo WasteGate Flap And Rod To Vibrate When Turbo Pressure Is Boosted

The noise can sometimes be eliminated by installing a new, revised clip on the wastegate flap actuator rod on the turbo. Technicians with access to Volkswagen bulletins can find additional information on this topic.


My car just died, I went to pick up lunch and it started to make the noise loudly (and longer) it jerked over and over pulling into the parking lot, then died. Sigh… Guess I won’t be fixing it myself. =( Thanks for the help!

I was going to suggest that it was either your Timing belt tensioner…or and FAR more likely the cam chain tensioner that joins the intake cam to the exhaust cam…there is a hydraulic tensioner for that small chain. At least there is on my 03’ 1.8T. If that chain were to jump time or fail…it could be catastrophic valve damage and also possibly the head and pistons…you dont want to lose either the T belt or that small cam chain…EVER. Let us know what it was and sorry for the crappy car day.