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I have a whistle noise which I can hear since a month, it comes only when :

- I drove more than 20 miles ( related to warming up of a piece of the car ? )

- I drive at least at 30 mph

- Same noise If I switch to “neutral” position

- Same noise if i’m braking or not, just related to the current speed

- The noise is coming from the outside, but the high pitch makes it hard to locate

Any ideas of the source ?

Vacuum leaks are pretty common on this car. Check for a vacuum leak. I think the PCV system has issues with developing vacuum leaks and causing a whistling noise.

I Can’t Attempt To Help You. I Don’t Know The Model-Year Of This Passat.


sorry, it’s a 1999 passat GLX, v6 2.8 engine, automatic transmission

Thanks for that info, will check how clogged is my PCV system when the sun is out again and maybe change the vacuum lines, because anyways they are more than 11 years old…