2008 Volvo S60 Oil Leak

I’m having steady oil leakage on my S60. Coming from front right of vehicle, opposite turbo side. Took it to a mechanic and they diagnosed it as an oil hose leading from engine to turbo. Replaced it and it is still leaking from the engine. Hose showed no cracks or seal problems, so that wasn’t it. Mechanic is taking the axle off to see if it is an engine block crack. If it is…welding aluminum is tough, I’m told, so it might need a new engine. Car has 101,000 miles and has had no other problems before this. Not sure I want to drop that much coin on a car that is getting older. Could there be other culprits besides the engine block being cracked? I have been looking at some forums and see that PCV lines can get clogged, leading to an increase in pressure. Others mention the oil trap being plugged, and others mention a link between the cooling system and the oil line. The leak appears to be unrelated to the turbo, as that is dry, and is coming from the engine, but high enough that the mechanic can’t see it without taking the axle off. Anybody know of what might make this problem occur besides a cracked engine block? Thanks for any help.

Could be PCV breather box, but only the mechnic that can see it can tell.