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Changing spark plugs, found oil!

Today I successfully changed the spark plugs in my 2001 Volvo S60 turbo. The first three spark plugs came out fine and dry. The #4 and #5 spark plugs were fairly well soaked with oil (pretty sure its oil). Any ideas on what may cause this?

More than likely the top engine cover gasket is leaking allowing oil into those two spark plug wells.


Sometimes this is causes by the way the intake airflow and oil ports are routed in the area of the intake manifold and cylinder head. i.e. it just comes with the engine design. You might give a phone call to a shop (or the dealership) who specializes in Volvos and ask them if this is a common thing to obse

Your spark plug tube seals are leaking. New tube seals come with the camshaft cover gasket set. As an FYI, nobody calls it a camshaft cover, they call it a valve cover, so you need what is referred to as a valve cover gasket set. I believe Tester is referring to the same thing.

WHERE were they soaked??? On the tips or above the threading?