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1998 volvo s90 oil issues

i have a volvo that my father bought for me 3 weeks ago. i had a problem with the oil shootig out of the dip stick so i replaced the pcv valve. i try to drive it after replacing the pcv valve for the first time and there was a ton of smoke commin out of tail pipe and i was loosing power. so i take it home and check the air intake and there is oil in the air intake. the engine is shakey feelin now when it was very smooth and if you press the gas the tailpipe smokes badly. what would cause this and how do i fix it? im a first time volvo owner. thaks for your help in advance!

In addition to replacing the PCV valve, you need to clean out the hose and any other plumbing associated with the PCV system. There could be gobs of gunk accumulated in that hose, and simply replacing the valve is just half of the job. There are special solvents for this task, and your local auto parts store should have at least one of them on the shelf.

ok thanks i will try that.

If the PCV valve situation does not solve the problem then take your Volvo to an independent mechanic and have them run a compression check. It sounds like broken piston rings to me.

I second Millileman’s suggetsion. I suspect that the crankcase pressure that was blowing the oil out your dipstick tube is now blowing it through the PCV system and adding it to the intake to be burned. Crankcase pressure comes from combustion gasses blowing by the piston rings, and that amount of oressure could only come from a broken ring…or worse, like a hole in the piston. That’s a lotta pressure.

Let us know what you find if, as we suspect, you have a cylinder with no compression, the shop should be able to peek into it with a borescope. I have a sneaking suspicion that they’ll be able to see the problem without pulling a head. Holes in pistons happen generally from prolonged pinging or preignition.

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