2008 Volvo C30 - Clutch sticks

The clutch pedal in my 2008 Volvo C-30 RDesign will sometime stick in a 1/2 way to the floor position.I can put my toe under it and pull it up.This only happens when the air temp is above 80 gegrees (summer).The dealer just keeps lubing it but I think there is a bigger problem.Car has 150,000 miles and I am the original owner.Has been dealerserviced since new. Ideas? Thanks.Ben Johnston

May I just say, very cool car? I drove one once and loved it. I’d try a local mechanic that has some specialty with Volvos if you can find one.

Thanks. I really like the car.I bought it new and it now has 150k on it.Only Volvo mechanics I can find work with the local dealer. Do good work generslly,but even they cant figure out the clutch issue.Ben

Hey i was wondering if you ever found out what it was. I have a manual C30 and I am sifting through forum posts and all I’m seeing is that you should refil and unseal the break and clutch fluid and use it and after a day of driving it’ll fix. What ended up being the issue

I’d leave break fluid alone. Always seems to break when you fiddle with them.

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All I am see is gibberish


That darn break fluid causes so many problems.


I have the same issue

When you press the clutch pedal, varies by car design, but at least three springs generally resist the press and push the pedal back up.

  • Clutch disc spring-fingers
  • Clutch master cylinder spring
  • Clutch pedal spring

So if the linkage mechanisms otherwise move freely without interference, something probably wrong w/one or more of those spring functions. I expect the problem is the clutch disc, which will require removing transmission, but start by inspecting the clutch pedal mechanism with a good flashlight, do you see a disconnected spring in that area? That spring became disconnected from its moorings on my Corolla one time. Didn’t notice it b/c the other springs were strong enough to push the clutch pedal back up.