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Clutch pedal

I have a '94 ford F150 with a 300 inline and a manual transmission.My problem is that at times my clutch pedal sticks to the floor and usually if I pull it back up with my foot its ok, but recently it has stopped comming up.does anyone have any suggestions?The clutch engages and disengages fine. thanks

The easy way is to just get it to a service place and have them fix it for money. There could even be a broken return spring.

Is there any fluid in the clutch reservoir? Check under the hood.

Is there a broken return spring on the clutch pedal? Check under the dashboard.

Is your pedal traveling so far it goes “over center” and binds? Some kind of wear allowing this?

yes ther is fluid.Where would this spring be under the dash? thanks

If there is a return spring for the clutch pedal, it would probably be located at the pivot point.