2008 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe - Leaking vacuum pump

I have a leaking vacuum pump. My mechanic quoted almost $2,000 for repair. I want to know if that is necessary. All I notice is that the door locks don’t always lock. No big deal. I push the button manually. The car is 12 years old with 100,000 miles. I always check to make sure the car is locked before I leave it parked and would rather not spend $2000.

The pump by itself is maybe $350. Gotta wonder how much labor is involved? $1650 worth?

The mechanic is probably hoping for that much profit. Not getting it from me though.

The pump has nothing to do with the door locks. I believe it affects engine performance and may provide vacuum to operate the brakes. Based on that I suggest you get a second opinion from a trusted independent mechanic. The 2k price is a bit high for the job unless there is more work involved. Was this estimate from a dealer?

Ed B

Yes. The dealer.

Again I suggest a 2nd opinion from an independent mechanic. Ask friends, family or neighbors for recommendations. If the car does need a pump it should be considerably less than a dealer.

Ed B