VW Jetta - water pump replacement

Hello Everyone - I own a 2000 VW Jetta GLS car. I have had but the best experiences with the car in the past 8/9 years. Recently, things started to go wrong it. I have just found that the car needs a water pump replacement which the VW dealer wants about $1,000 for parts/labor. I found in www.autopartswarehouse.com that the most expensive water pump does not exceed $200. Any ideas if I could have the work done by a qualified mechanic anywhere else? Or, does that require dealer expertise? Please advice and thanks for allowing me to post my questions.

Any decent shop, preferably one specializing in European cars, should be fine. The dealer will be higher in price because they will be using a VW pump and factory OEM parts are generally much higher than aftermarket parts.
Dealer labor rates are generally a bit higher also as their expenses are much higher than an independent shop.

The timing belt and tensioners should also be replaced if it has not been done. There are a couple of other caveats.
One is that even if the belt has been done recently (the pump should have been done at the same time) then the new belt may need replacement if the pump is saturating the belt with coolant.
If the pump has been leaking and the car overheating then there is also the possibility of other problems such as a blown or weakened head gasket; all depending on the situation of course.

That was a very good and very complete reply from OK I might suggest that even if the timing belt has been replaced, unless it was rather recent, I would replace it. Most of the labor is shared for either project.

without repeating OKs response, you mention “recently, things started to go wrong”

what things? all the water pump and timing belt and tensioner replacement will be negated if there is more stuff you aren’t relating. has it overheated? has it been running ok? when was the last tuneup?

just so you know, all the stuff parts cost is around 700 bucks so a grand ain’t too bad. just make sure what they are doing for that price.

Thank you everyone for their valuable replies. I just learned that the water pump needed to be replaced by the diagnostics the dealer reported (the timing belt --if I recall correctly – was changed at 80K miles). I am also looking for my shop records to confirm that the water pump hasn’t already been changed, as I suspect. I guess replacing the timing belt it’s just additional since you guys mentioned that the labor is shared.

Thanks again,