2008 Toyota Land Cruiser AC temp control

Air conditioning temperature control has to be set at 25deg to maintain comfortable i.e. 23/24deg level on 35deg plus outside ambient air. After some time (no set time varies) the temp control needs to be reduced because cab air is too warm, ten it has to be increased because too cold.
This is annoying while driving long distance adjusting the temp control up / down
Has anyone had this problem and found a fix

One fix: Take it to an independent AC shop.
Alternate fix: Toyota dealership.
If your vehicles has automatic HVAC setting, this might
require a Toyota dealership to diagnose and repair.
If a manually controlled system, your AC might be working correctly. Try this, set AC to max, when the car interior is cold cold enough leave AC on max (or recirculate) then increase temperature gradually, one click at a time. This will continue to dehumidify the car and you can fine a comfortable setting.

As usually, you will get more and quicker advice if posting under maintenance/repair rather than ask some category.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Ambient Temperature Sensor (Switch) Replacement Costs (yourmechanic.com)

That was interesting, I did not know there was an ambient temperature sensor. I have always had manual HVAC-systems.

And just where is this “maintenance/repair” selection at, when posting on carcomplaints.com ?

People posting there don’t even know they are also posting on an open forum.

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I have logged onto carcomplaints multiple times, have yet to find that link. Even the search box on car complaints will not take you there.
Please provide the url, I would like to see the site.

You go to https://www.carcomplaints.com/

Select the manufacture of you vehicle

select the model of your vehicle

Select the year of your vehicle

Select a category

Select problem

Scroll down the page and you’ll find it.

I selected Dodge > Omni > 1986 > Engine > Blown head gasket

Found another way to get to “Ask Someone Who Owns One”, it’s on the righthand side of page.