Auto Climate Control

I just bought a 2001 Land Bruiser with 85K miles. The auto climate control is the worst I’ve ever experienced. Always either way too cold or hot, and requires constant manual fiddling to adjust the temp to a comfortable level. Is this normal for this vehicle?

I have ridden in two cars with this kind of system. In both cases the system was second rate when working at it’s best and poor the rest of the time. I know I will avoid buying any car with this kind of system.

Most climate contols of this type leave something to be desired. They are also a bear to troubleshoot and repair.

I’ve had several cars with auto climate control. Most have worked well. Not this one…

The climate control system in a Rolls Royce used to be made by a small company in Texas, who knew something about A/C. That’s before BMW bought them.

The Toyota Land Cruiser? is not known for having poor mechanicals, the A/C is rated as average to much better than average.

If you are talking about a Land Rover, however, it is rated below average, as is most of the rest of the vehicle.

A few years ago my wife and I were in Bankok, Thailand on a holiday. The tour busses there are all white minibusses, spotlessly clean and well kept. The first 2 days we had a Toyota, which was perfect, and had great climate control, which you need there.

The next two days another driver came with a Mercedes, identical in size and fitting but with one on the worst climate systems I have ever encountered on any vehicle. So much for European technology.

It’s a Toyota Land Cruiser. The rest of the car is awesome, living up to its reputation.

Again, I’m somewhat puzzled. I did a project in Algeria in the middle of the Sahara desert. I was assigned a driver and Land Cruiser. In 45C heat, way over 100F, this vehicle was outstanding in traction (we hit a sand storm), comfort, and climate control.

Toyota in general has above average accessories and electronics. I would have the dealer or a good A/C shop go over it with a fine tooth comb.

Good luck!

I have a 2000 Landcruiser with the same problem. All the way cold, the air is cold, but turn the thermostat one click (to 65) and it is all very hot air, as though the heater is on high. Blower speeds, blend doors all work fine. Dealer wants $385 to do an electronic diagnosis(!).

Anybody have a suggestions