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02 camry a/c turn to heat if i set temp

i have 02 camry xle with digital a/c , the a/c only works on max cold, if i set the temp to 65 ot 70 ot any number it will become heat ,

I know the Toyota’s use a temperature sensor somewhere near the drivers feet to “read” the temp internal to the cabin. Two sensors on those with a passenger zone.

Have you done anything to the car (like install a radio), that may have interfered with the wiring? If not, then the sensor may be bad.

It will take more than this guessing to find it, though. You’ll have to take it to a mechanic who can work on it.


Its a malfunctioning of the control that governs the electric motor at the coolant valve…I’ve always hated electronic heat controls. Give me a cable any day to control the valve. Look it up on the net in a Toyotie Forum…they will have seen this b4 and mite know of the direct fix.