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A/C work in winter months or clutch problems?

Temp outside is 35 but I was trying to run my A/C while sitting in hot sun. A/C blowing warm air. Called local Honda dealer was told A/C has sensors and will not cool unless its above 65 degrees or higher outside. Received warranty ext from Honda for possible problem A/C clutch which expires March 2017. Dealer told me I would have smelled a burning odor if clutch was broken. Might I be having A/C clutch problems or is it true that A/C does not cool in winter due to sensors? Thank you!

Can’t tell ya.

Without the year of the vehicle, I can’t look up how the HVAC system is suppose to function.


Sorry new to this 2010

I have never smelled an AC clutch that burned out and I have replaced several that were toasted. But when the ambient temperature is down to 35 the AC on most, if not all late model cars will not function. At that temperature the evaporator would quickly ice over when operating and also the compressor could get a gulp of liquid refrigerant that would damage it.

Is this an automatic AC system?

Or a manual AC system?


Automatic is an option

With auto temp just set it where you want it and leave it alone , that is what it’s for. Is this your first time with auto temp?

I always use the Auto temp option and leave it but today I had it set st 65 and A/C was blowing warm air. Took it off Auto but still warm air

Well of course, you said it was 35 outside. I don’t think there is a problem here.

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