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2008 Toyota Camry fuel pump relay

Does anyone know where the relay for the fuel pump is in a 2008 Toyota Camry?? I checked the lid for the box and there is no relay labeled for the fuel pump!! I read on one site where one guy said in the 2008 it was mislabeled as the fan 2 relay…any ideas I’m desperate

It’s labeled the EFI relay.


Check the C/OPN relay. I found that looking over my schematics. However, locating it proved to be more complicated. It’s hidden UNDER the fuse box.

Turns out you have to take a 10mm bolt out of the fuse box that goes into the fender. I thought it held the whole fuse panel box in but as it turns out it just holds the c/opn relay and the efi relay.

Check this thread out-

Here’s some snips from my schematics. They’re for an '03 but it seems not much has changed in this regard. Perhaps wire colors, so be careful…

Note the Blue/Black wire from pump comes back over to the C/OPN relay.

Kat, it might help the mechanics here if they knew why you need to locate the relay .

Remove fuse block cover. Take picture of fuses capturing entire block and fender area.

The EFI relay and Circuit Open relays are inside the engine room junction block, they are not accessible from the top like the other relays.

My car won’t start, I’ve already changed the spark plugs and the ignition coils. When I turn the key I don’t think I’m hearing the fuel pump kick on at all so I’m trying to locate and check the relay

Well, the plot thickens. There sure is a lot of contradictory information about this particular relay. The image you provided doesn’t appear to match the description so I went looking further. Check this out, it may be inside the car in a junction block on the left side under the dash-

Is that red wire in the photos factory original? It doesn’t look that way to me. Part of some antitheft add-on system or???

The red wire is powering my fan…not factory original lol

It appears to be only fuses inside the car under the dash, and the only thing behind my glove compartment is the cabin air filter ( at least as far as I can tell)

This relay Box is under the hood, near the top of the laft fender.