2008 toyota camry ac not working

My friend has a 2008 toyota camry it has a little over 100k miles and the ac is not blowing cold. I have filled the freon in it, I have replaced the cabin air filter, and it still doesn’t blow cold. The fuses are all good. The compressor clutch was engaged and it only needed a top off on the freon i used the gauges and it was only on the line for the green. I am currently getting some gages to look at it better but i am just looking for some possible things i could be.

Expansion valve may be malfunctioning.



Make sure fan for the condenser (engine compartment) is spinning with AC on. AC won’t work if condenser is too warm. You first say AC isn’t blowing, then say AC doesn’t blow cold. Depending on which it is, problem could also be the blower motor or the hvac door positions.

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You’ve done what you can. Now it’s time for a good a/c shop to have a look.

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@George_San_Jose1 has made some very good points

Is the air coming out full force and where it’s supposed to?

And what about that electric fan that was mentioned?

The fans were on and the air was full force where they should blow

Recently sent my 130,000 mile 2004 Tiburon into my mechanic for a week with the same problem expecting a $2,000 AC job.

Cause was disintigrating connectections on the A/C and the repair cost was $90.

Find a good mechanic, establish a relationship and give him all your business including regular maintenance,
Yeah, maybe a cheepo $19.95 oil change or a $59.965 brake special may seem like a good deal but when the rubber hit’s the road an honest and competant is golden!

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And for anyone investing in a Rolls or Bentley have you considered the 3 hours or prom/wedding/funeral idle time vs the actual half hour of driving time/?

Ac work is best left to a pro imho. I used to add those little cans but proper oil and other components are just as important. A wrecked compressor is not cheap.