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Feedback on a vehicle

I am interested in opinions of the Subaru Tribeca. There does not seem to be much information out there. The Forester is better covered. Anyone know anything about it?

The Tribeca rates about the same as the Forester. I would not invest that kind of money for any AWD car. That system seems to be a problem or an inconvenience just waiting to happen. Plus, I don’t like the gas mileage that comes with or doesn’t come with AWD.

It’s a pretty new model, so it doesn’t have a long record, but the last three years have been better/average/better on the Consumer Reports reliability. If it fits your needs, its good, but make sure the 3rd seat’s big enough for you. Also, the AWD is good if you need it, unnecessary complication/expense if you don’t.

The Tribeca is recommended by Consumer Reports, and earns a “better than average” rating for reliability. They only got 16 mpg overall, however, so keep that in mind. That’s probably about average for similar vehicles with 6-cylinder engines.

The Subaru AWD system is one of the best on the market, and if you live where winter weather is common it will serve you well. As with any vehicle, following the factory maintenance schedule is key to reliability and longevity.

Of the vehicles in its class, the only criticism that is ever leveled at the Tribeca is the somewhat tight seating in the second row, and the very tight seating in the third row.

Try the seating in all positions when you visit the dealership to test-drive the Tribeca. As long as the seating is not a problem, it is a fine vehicle in all other respects.

I would echo the previous comments. Though Subaru makes very good vehicles (have owned two) with outstanding drive trains, when you get to the Highlander/Pilot/Tribeca stage,I would make sure I have a need. AWD in the bigger vehicles are for those that need a minivan but live in snow country and want the added piece of mind of awd. Otherwise, I would get a real get a real SUV (frame for HD) or a minivan (for space).

I am a huge fan of AWD but only if you needed it and must consider safety in transporting kids or several people in slippery conditions on a regular basis…In those conditions, a Tribeca would be IMO, one of the safest vehicles you can buy.

The Tribeca rates about the same as the Forester

I’ll second this as I test drove both earlier today. Tribeca felt like the seating was a bit higher than the Forester and the V6 was a lot better than the normal 4cyl in the Forester, but the turbo in the Forester puts it about the same performance wise with the V6.

I’ll also add that the center dash is laid out a little bit better and the position of the button for the heated seats are in a better spot than the Forester. Forester has a little slider down by the driver’s seatbelt release and the Tribeca has it on the center dash. The one problem I had was with the temperature settings in the Tribeca. Instead of the little knob you slide from one end to the other, it’s got a digital readout and you can only move the knob a little to the left or right.

Have you considered a Legacy wagon? It seats five with generous space behind the rear seat. Depending on how much power you want, there are turbo and non-turbo versions.

You will have to decide for yourself if the benefits of all wheel drive justify the extra cost to buy and to operate. I like it so well that I will never be without at least one all wheel drive vehicle. On snow and ice or on poorly maintained back roads, the extra traction compared to two wheel drive is amazing.

Ehhh, Tribeca - Forrester. Same disease different symptoms. Buy a real Ford.

With each of his posts, it is becoming more and more obvious that “Abnormal” is either our old friend, “Beefy Norm” under a new alias, or that he is a clone of Norm. Norm’s solution to virtually every automotive problem was to sell the problem vehicle and to “buy a Ford”.

If Abnormal somehow manages to insult Bill or Hillary Clinton, or Ted Kennedy, or Barack Obama in his responses, that will confirm my belief that he is really Beefy Norm. At any rate, the screen name seems to be well-chosen.