2008 RX-350 Tire Warning Light

After a bit of cold weather the tire light came on the RX-350. I pumped up all 4 tires to 30 PSI Spec. using a digital guage. The light is still on. I did the reset procedure in the manual - light still on. This car appears to use the direct system. Does it monitor the spare? (Yuck if yes, since spare is mounted under car - valve stem up!) Where is the second tire selector switch? It is not next to the reset. Steve

spare is the problem! had the same happen but my spare is rear mounted.

Dear TAGS:

Thanks for the info. After your comment I spent some more time with the manual. I got the
problem fixed and the light is now out! Here is the definitive info:

1 - The tire pressure monitoring system DOES monitor the spare. This was the
cause of my problem.

2 - Although the spare is mounted under the car, with the valve facing up,
you can get at that valve by using the screw jack elevator system that is in
the manual. You don’t have to remove the spare, only lower it enough to
reach the valve which is mounted facing UP. That was easier than I thought,
once I had carefully read the manual and found all the buttons and things to

3 - After everything is done you have to reset the system by using the
button under the dash, to the right of the steering wheel. You have to be careful to
use the correct button (the left one) so as not to disable the anti-skid

All in all the system is OK, but Lexus should do a much better job in
its manual explaining things. This is a safety and wear related item and could happen several times per year. I guess they want to have their service Dept. make money.