2008 Porsche Cayenne - do I need a second opinion?

I first could not start my car in May 2019. It seemed battery issue. I had to leave the town for a previous commitment. So when I came back in June, I had someone help me to jumped it up and he told me it is not safe to drive because there might be some issues. I had it towed to the dealership and a day later I was told there was nothing wrong. The dealership charged me about the $100 for the labor. Just a days later, it happened again. I took it to a mechanic shop, not the dealership this time. They replaced the battery and did something else that might cause some problems in the near future. Now, two months later, I could not start the car again. This time it didn’t seem like a battery issue because it didn’t make any nose. I did try to jump it though, and it didn’t work. I had it towed to the dealership again, I was just told the key system in the steering column electronically failed. They need to replace the entire steering column and the price will be $4129.21 plus taxes. Should I go for it or better to have it checked by another mechanic shop to get a second opinion?

Did something or FIXED something?? And what?

Yes, it is better to have at least a second opinion.