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1998 Toyota Camry battery

A few weeks ago I had to go and jump start my mom’s car, this was what I think was the start of all of the problems with my car. I drive a 1998 Toyota Camry with around 150,000-200,000 miles on it. It’s always ran pretty well for me but just recently it’s been sort of acting up. I went and jump started my mom’s battery but being the dumb curious teenager that I am decided to click the positive and negative ends of my cables together, creating a short circuit in my battery. Since I did this I’ve had to jump start my car twice in the past 3 weeks. Also I was driving earlier today and while driving my car turned completely off. I couldn’t turn, brake, or do anything basically. I believe that I just messed my battery up but I’d like some extra help to know what’s wrong with it. Thanks!

could be the battery, but it’s also possible you zapped the alternator, or some other electronics.

I’d take it to a shop and get the battery and charging system checked. Many parts stores will do this free.

Since I did this I’ve had to jump start my car twice in the past 3 weeks. It may help if you provided more details here. Did it crank? what happened when you turned the key? Any error lights on the dash?

Well the first time I jump started it, it started up fine and I was able to drive it. The second time at first the dash lit up but the engine didn’t flip. So I got out and readjusted the cables and it turned on fine. But while I was driving it after that it just seemed like the car was running a little bit different I could tell something with it was wrong but didn’t know what it was. Thanks!

BillRussell is correct. Start with a test of the battery and charging system. My guess is that you damaged the alternator.

I hope you didn’t do this experiment near either of the batteries. Batteries can give off hydrogen gas and explode if a spark happens near them, with people occasionally blinded as a result.

The next time someone needs a jump just call a wrecker service. The 25 to 35 dollar charge is much less than the price of a fried battery or electronics. After all that is what they do.

I agree with and support the posts from Bill and the others.
And I’ll bet your mom would love a gift of a AAA card from you. That, to me, is a truly loving gift, a gift that keeps on giving. :relaxed:

Some shops will input the CCA to test the battery so make sure that they will type in the correct one.

You mentioned readjusting the battery cables & then the car started fine . Not sure what you meant by readjusting the cables . Those cables must be clean & tight where they connect to the battery . If you can move them around by hand , they aren’t tight enough .

Or you have an internally broken battery post. Seen that.

Yep , I have too .