2005 Ford Escape- Key won'tmove

2005 ford escape problem, I put key in ignition and it won’t move from the anti theft position thus car won’t start at all so any ideas would be appreciated

Did you try moving the steering wheel to the side and then turning it?


Yup I tried a bunch of things even disconnecting the battery for 10mins but nothing.
I have it over at mechanics place now so hopefully he can sort it or I’ll have to have a bonfire party with it otherwise haha
Thanks for the reply.

Have you tried another key?

Yup also tried spare key, a lot of thing’s I’ve seen on line say to disable anti theft option so I’ll ask my mechanic to look at that route

So is the problem that the key turns but the car won’t start because of the anti-theft system?

I can get key in and out of ignition no problem but it just won’t move any way and stays in the anti theft position