2017 Nissan Altima loses power going uphill

When pulling away from a traffic light, my car loses power, as if it isn’t getting gas to the engine (my best guess). Worse when going from a stop facing uphill. What’s the cause?

Any cause would be covered by the car’s warranty. See your dealer and tell them your problem.

The car is 99,000 miles on it. It’s out of warranty.

How is it possible to get 99K on a 2017 car?

Lots of driving. Home health nurse in big rural region. Anyway, what’s the cause?

Assuming you are in the US most Auto Zone stores will read codes because your check engine light is on. Post those and you will get better replies.

Check engine light is not on

Just guessing, the fuel pump might be failing. A mechanic can measure the fuel pressure.
But I no longer tell mechanics what I think it might be, I just tell them the symptoms and let them figure it out.


Transmission may be slipping. Do you hear the engine speed way up but have very little acceleration? Has the trans ever had a fluid change? How does the fluid level and color look?

An engine running poorly will usually turn on the CEL, and a code will be stored.

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Thanks to last two posters for the info. I haven’t checked my records regarding the trans fluid change, however I’ve done all mfr recommended maintenance, so that’s a maybe.

There’s no engine speed up. The idle is normal, and then press the gas and nothing for a second, then it goes. Super scary when it happens when making a left from a turning lane. Don’t worry - I don’t cut that close; no accidents my entire life and hope they don’t start now.

Sounds like a trip to the mechanic is the answer. I’ll tell them the symptoms—-> totally agree with them giving me their answer. But I love getting y’all’s input so I have something in mind. I’m thinking they will say: fuel filter, fuel pump, trans fluid. Anything other than that and I’m calling Ray! Ha!

Thanks everyone!

If it’s only when accelerating from an engine-idling situation, it could be a sticking throttle plate. Cleaning the throttle body with the appropriate solvent takes care of that. I did it with a toothbrush and some rags and it solved a similar problem on my 1999 Honda.

Less likely, the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) might need some electrical cleaner, or to be replaced. Its resistance should change smoothly as the throttle rotates through its range of motion.

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Seems to be a common complaint with the Nissan CVT transmission. There have been complaints about several CVT designs that had inherent delays that took people by surprise. Then there is the issue of premature failure causing delays and at 100k miles, it kind of fits that situation. You can google Nissan Altima CVT delay (or slow to engage) for lots of interesting reading. One of the reasons I passed on one of these recently that seemed attractively priced. Is this something that started to happen recently or has been like that all along? If recent, might want to prepare yourself…

There is a service bulletin that may apply;

"The engine turns OFF or hesitates when accelerating from a stop during hot ambient
temperatures (+100°F), "

There is a software update for the Engine Control Module to address the problem.