2000 Nissan Altima transmission, fix or trade?



2000 Altima, 150,000 miles, auto trans. Only when cold, and only after putting it in drive, My car was very slow to get fully into reverse - 10-15 seconds. I could rev up the engine and it would move very slowly. Reverse works fine when putting it in to back out of the garage. The problem was after putting it in drive only. All forward gears were fine. I have been told that this is a sign of a dying transmission. I put in a can of trans-tune and after a week the symptoms are gone - And the tranny fluid went from a clean red to dirty. Everything else in the car is fine. Question: Should I start putting money away to put in a used transmission, or should I find a car dealership that I don’t like and trade it in? With 150,000 miles I am thinking the $3500 + $1000 for a tranny adds up to $4600. Per craigslist, this would get me a car with fewer miles and a better tranny.


Before you assume you need a new transmission, I suggest having the transmission fluid changed. New fluid and a new filter may make the transmission operate correctly.

I’m not a fan of additives. I’d drain the now-contaminated fluid and fill the transmission with clean, fresh fluid.

Actually, I’d have a mechanic do it. A real mechanic, not an oil change place or a chain transmission shop.


Mcparadise has hit the nail right on the head. Many a dying transmission has been saved by draining the fluid and replacing the filter. Forget flushing. I too, don’t like additives of any kind. As for oil change establishments…we would be far better off without them.


I should have mentioned that I did that first and it had no affect. The trans-tune did fix it either temporarily or permanently, though. Anyone’s guess which.


Oh, and the Altima does not have a filter. It has a screen - That was replaced, too.


If the fluid change didn’t help the trans-tune miracle cure is only temporary. Start saving.


It doesn’t matter if you “don’t like” the dealer. They keep the good stuff on the lot and tell their friends about it so they haul ass in there and buy it up. The junk just goes straight to the auction.

You’re better off fixing the Altima and keeping it, by the way. At least with this car you know what you’ve got.


That’s what I was thinking. But, if something was just sticking then the trans-tune could have freed it by getting rid of some of the varnish, etc. You know, it doesn’t matter if you guys think trans-tune or other additives work. It worked in this case so it is a moot point.