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Transmission in 2000 Altima

I’ve been told I need new transmission. Car has 125,000 miles with no previous major problems. Mechanic used Lucas Transmission Fix. Since then, the engine sounds deeper, heavier. Shifting from first to second is very smooth. However going to third takes longer - at about 40mph. Fourth happens at around 50. Where can I get an honest second opinion?

GRRRR… I wish you would have posted here before they used that Lucas Junk. They just turned the inside of the transmission and cooler into a gooey mess. Oh well… Tell me, what was the transmission doing BEFORE they dumped the Lucas in it?? What were the symptoms??


Who was this “mechanic?” Transmission repair doesn’t come in a bottle.

Find an independent transmission specialist in your area, and take the car to them.

DO NOT go to a national chain store.

Thank you, transman. The ONE incident I had with the transmission was this: I was driving on the highway at about 60mph and when I accelerlated the rpm’s went over 5 and the car didn’t accelerate. When I told the mechanic, he test drove my car and said it “shifted hard” and recommened the Lucas first before he recommended a “new transmission”. Appreciate your response…

Tango Diva

Thank you for responding, mcparadise. How will I know if whatever they tell me is true? I don’t want to replace transmission now. I plan to move to AZ in about a year.

Tango Diva