2008 Nissan Altima Sunroof Rattle

I recently bought a Nissan Altima and noticed that the sunroof area rattles when I go over a bumpy patch of road or a manhole cover. The sound is definitely a rattle and not a squeaking sound. I can replicate the sound by smacking the roof from the inside of the car and it’s contained mostly to right above where my head is near the bottom left corner of the sunroof.

When I got the car I removed the wind deflector that’s attached to the roof because I really don’t like how they look. I also removed the wind deflector arm since the plastic connector to it broke when I removed the deflector. I’m guessing the sun cooked the plastic parts and it just snapped. I doubt the rattle is due to the arm being removed but I added it in just in case. This weekend I removed part of the trim on the inside of the roof and blew compressed air to get debris out but the rattle is still there.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions on how to get this annoying problem to just go away?

Sounds like you have something in there, probably a piece of plastic.

The best way to get it out might be to stop by the dealer’s parts window, request an “exploded view” drawing of the sunroof assembly, and work on it with the assembly removed.