Roof leak, please help

Hi, could anyone help me or give me a hint on how to fix this leak(see picture), I’ve change the windshield not that long ago even tho it might sound a little weird I hardly doubt the leak comes from there, I also don’t think it’s coming from the sunroof I checked and the drains are not clothed and there’s not a single drop around it, I might be wrong so if anyone had this problem before or just have an idea of what could help, thank you I already expended so much money on this car that the more things I can do myself the better.

I’d check the seal on the windshield. That’d be my first guess, if the sunroof drains are clear.

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Well I’ve had both. The windshield probably needs to be resealed but you didn’t say if the leak was there before or after the new windshield. Also it doesn’t look old enough but I have had rust in the channel under the windshield enough to cause a leak. I was replacing the windshield so had them take it out, then fixed the rust in the channel over a long weekend, and then had the new windshield put in. No leaks. A little surface rust up along the windshield is a tell tale of deeper rust problems.