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2017 Nissan Altima plastic on metal rattle sound only on large bumps


For the past few weeks I’ve been hearing this loud rattle sound coming from the rear right when that wheel hits a large bump. It definitely sounds like something plastic hitting something metal. I drove around with my dad driving while I was in the trunk to try to find where the noise is coming from and couldn’t find it. And it only happens when there is a large bump and when the right rear wheel hits it. Sometimes it’s only one rattle other times it’s a few really quick. We looked online and the most common theory for a rattle is the trunk torsion bars but they’re secure and even when I was in the trunk I held onto them and the noise still happened. It’s a very annoying noise and if someone has an idea that they’d like to share that would be awesome!

Thank you!

Bad shock top mount, or bad shock is my first guess. A wild guess…'cause I can’t hear it in person, and no, a video won’t help… I need to hear the direction of the sound and feel it with my hands.

Could also be something under the car that is loose or worn out- stabilizer bar links, bushings ect.

Get the car on a lift so you can look underneath and find the issue. Or pay a shop to do that. They have cool tools that can help isolate noises.


Just as a caution if the vehicle were to be rear ended by another vehicle riding in the truck would be one of the last places a person should be .

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Sweet! Thank you! I’ll definitely check those things out

Yeah we made sure to be careful and to use side streets that weren’t busy