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2008 Mazda Mazda6 - Shakes

I have a problem with a mazda 6 2008, I have gone to many mechanics and none of them has known how to solve the problem, the problem is that my car shakes, vibrates from the suspension (or at least it feels that way) as if the car was passing on a street with laundry, I already changed the cv joints, the 4 stabilizer bars (link kit), one day I left pulled because it started to vibrate too much when I put change, the engine trembled and turned off, that problem cleared his throat , I changed the air filter, he has not done it again but I am afraid to go on the road with that problem, I am not sure, in addition to all this I did oil change, spark plugs, new coil, new battery, the supports of the engine (the 3), I do not know what to do and no mechanic has been able to tell me what it has, so I resorted to looking for an expert who could tell me and I found your video on you tube I hopefully professional and can help me to know why where to solve this situation, I really appreciate your time, thank you

None of that makes any sense.

I have no videos on Youtube.

Is it when you’re not accelerating, gets better in neutral? If yes then it’s your motor mounts, and yes you changed them but if you change them and the engine isn’t sitting in it’s original position it’s supposed to be itll still shake.

Did you use OEM motor mounts? New does not always mean OEM.

If you can narrow down the times when it happens that would help.

Does this occur with the car stopped, in neutral, and rev’ing the engine rpms up and down? If so that would indicate a problem remains w/the engine and transmission mounts.

Does it occur stopped at idle rpm? That could be the engine is misfiring.

Does it only occur when the vehicle is moving? That could be various suspension system problems, including struts, ball joints, and tie rods.

Explain what you mean by “passing on a street with laundry”.